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Woods & Water Kids
 Our Mission 

The Mission for Woods and Water Kids Adventures:

  • Offering an opportunity to learn life-long outdoor skills and responsibilities to kids without fathers. Providing an opportunity for  kids to spend time away from the stress and distractions of the electronic world.  Teaching outdoor skills such as archery, backpacking, camping, fishing, gun safety and conservation. Equipping these kids so they can teach their own children in the future; creating legacies of time spent together.
  • Strengthen the relationship between children and their fathers by providing an opportunity for them to spend time together away from the stress and distractions of video games, computers, phones, emails and texts.  

 Get Connected 

The Outdoors

a common ground where fathers and their children can share a passion for the rest of their lives.

Teaching Skills

to both father and child skills that last a lifetime.

Enriching Relationships

between fathers and their children in a time where electronic media dominates our attention.

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